Job Club Calendar

Workshop Descriptions

Art of the Interview

  • Discover better ways to present yourself in a light which attracts the interviewer
  • Gain insight into commonly used interview questions to prepare ahead of time

Linked In Training

  • Hands on learning designed to increase your understanding of this important online tool
  • Discover good ways to promote yourself, including additions to your resume or interview prep

Job Retention Strategies

  • What to focus on for success during your first days on the new job
  • How to impress the employer both before and after the hiring process

Resumes that Work!

  • Discover ways that the professionals prefer a resume be designed and presented
  • Gain inside information about the types of candidates a reputable bank would look for

Using Language to Get the Job

  • Learn how the words you speak can make or break your interview performance
  • Find new language to help empower you towards getting employment you want

Social Media & Online Etiquette

  • Understand how these modern platforms work, and how they help or hurt your job chances
  • How to portray the most professional “you” in the online world to potential employers

Job Prep Advice

  • Learn from the professionals about interview etiquette, resume building, and networking skills
  • Find out the best way to present yourself in order to compete in the business world

Job Search Strategies

  • Gain knowledge about how the search process has changed, both online and in person
  • Understand the things you can do and say to stand out in this rapidly changing environment

Beginner Microsoft Word Training

  • Learn more uses of Microsoft Word for business, office or home projects
  • Laptops provided for training, or bring your own for personal use

Get that Job!

  • Understand your inner beliefs, which shape performance at interviews & in job searches
  • Learn communication styles which work best; know the right questions for potential employers


  • Adaptability: Being flexible and adapting to a new work environment
  • Workability: Understanding employer expectations in today’s workplace
  • Suitability: Finding the workplace that fits your interests and styles

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