Veterans and active duty service members hold a very special place in our hearts, and we make it our mission to serve our nation’s heroes any way we can. On January 29, 2018, Working Wardrobes will be hosting a screening of the new feature-length documentary, Apache Warrior.


Apache Warrior tells the story of an elite U.S. Army Aviation Squadron, giving the audience the viewpoint of the most-intense missions in aviation history, from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter. The film highlights the fearless and selfless Apache pilots as they launch an attack during the initial surge into Iraq in March, 2003 and fight to stay alive.


David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud, who have worked together as producing partners for over ten years, directed the new documentary. As veterans of the entertainment industry, Salzberg and Tureaud produce, direct, market, and distribute entertainment content in all mediums worldwide. We are incredibly excited to stand behind these two amazing film directors and this terrific film, and we are honored to be partnering with them for our very own screening.


The filmmaker’s explained their inspiration for creating the film stating, “As directors, what drew us to this story was meeting an Apache Pilot (Allen Hahn) who started The Apache Warrior Foundation and a former Apache Crew Chief (Joshua Lang) who where both passionate about how a great film, done in our first person immersive style, would help open peoples hearts to the Apache community. Their passion and enthusiasm inspired us to make something no one had seen before. We researched hundreds of hours of footage and during that process recovered several of the attack pilots gun tapes, which allowed us to tell the story of this incredible and historic mission.”


We are excited to announce Working Wardrobes will be hosting a screening of this incredible new film, and would love for you to join us! The screening will be held on January 29, 2018. Stay tunes – tickets go on sale soon!