It was graduation day September 6th at the Working Wardrobes Career Center! Our spirited clients received a variety of certifications including a Customer Service Training and Certification program, American Banking Association Teller Certification (ABA), as well as Security Officer, Project Management, and IT training. This graduation was unique as we had a very special partner guiding clients the entire way. A number of staffers from <a href=””>Tek Systems</a>, an IT staffing solutions company, volunteered their time and were a vital resource to our clients during their training. Thank you Tek Systems for dedicating your time and resources to helping our clients get back to work.


The partnership originated from a meeting our CEO, Jerri Rosen, and VetNet Senior Manager, Ashley Vlcan, had with the Tek Systems team. They were looking to get their company more involved in Corporate Social Responsibility activities, and were very interested in working with Working Wardrobes specifically. The team at Tek Systems started by hosting a company clothing drive. When they learned more about the Career Center opportunities available, they jumped at the chance to get involved with the next graduation event!

Since then, Tek Systems has supported Working Wardrobes’ clients through two graduations, each time providing a beneficial workshop prior to each graduation ceremony and a great lunch. The workshop was a six-topic roundtable discussion that included company research, market trends, networking, how to make your resume “pop”, and the power of first impressions and practice interviewing techniques. In total, they have sponsored 40 graduates, with a total of 35 volunteers attending the graduations. Tek Systems ended the graduation with a very special gift, beautiful pad folios for clients to use on their search for employment.

Tek Sytems staffers’ time and dedication has helped change the lives of so many Working Wardrobes graduates. Their knowledge and expertise engaged clients and prepared them with additional workforce readiness skills needed to confidently reenter the workforce. We are incredibly honored to have the support of Tek Systems and would like to thank their entire team for everything they have done so far.

If your company is looking for more Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities, there are a wide variety of ways to get involved at Working Wardrobes! For more information, please contact Kinsey Vong at