The Mission of the Working Wardrobes public affairs program is to educate public agencies and government officials on the vision, mission and accomplishments of Working Wardrobes. As part of our Public Affairs Program, we have developed a set of policy principles that will guide our work. These policy principles are not intended to be exhaustive but consistent with our vision and mission. Our Public Affairs Committee meets monthly.

These principles show our consistency, predictability and collaborative stance in support of workforce development and job training for men, women, young adults and veterans, and against policies that hinder career advancement for these population groups.

Our goal is to provide resources and support for unemployed and underemployed individuals looking to reestablish themselves in the workforce. Every issue will be considered on its merit and in its own due time, and we reserve the right to make exceptions in certain cases.

To learn more about our Public Affairs work, please contact:
Ashley Baribeault-Vlcan